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Di bawah ini disenaraikan powerpoint yang berkaitan dengan Sejarah Dunia 940 . Gunakan mengikut kesesuaian dan keperluan anda.

    ( 02/07/2012  0:54 )

  1. Feudal Society
  2. Feudalism in Europe
  3. The First Feudal Age (300-1000 CE)
  4. Early Western Europe
  5. Feudalism & Culture
  6. Feudal Government (start with slide 8)
  7. Medieval Summary
  8. Middle Ages Renaissance Reformation
  9. The Middle Ages
  10. Middle Ages
  11. Middle Ages
  12. Middle Ages
  13. Middle Ages of Europe
  14. Protestant Reformation (1450-1565)
  15. The Beginning of Industrialization
  16. Industrial Revolution
  17. Industrial Revolution
  18. The Industrial Revolution
  19. Absolute Monarchs
  20. Absolute Rulers of Russia
  21. Absolute Monarchs of Europe
  22. The Rise of Absolute Monarchs in Europe
  23. The Rise of Absolute Monarchy in France
  24. Parliament Limits English Monarchy ppt
  25. Absolutism & Absolutism (limited)
  26. Louis XIV - King at age 5
  27. Louis XIV - The Sun King
  28. The Reign of Louis XIV
  29. Enlightened Despots


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